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Faculty PT- Developmental Psychology - Doctoral Committee (Virtual)

Empregos ID 50317BR Publicado 02/15/2021 Instituição Walden University Cidade Virtual


Walden University seeks dynamic, engaged and supportive doctoral faculty research mentors that have strong communication and learning-relationship skills for this part-time position in the School of Psychology, PhD Developmental Psychology Program. Key responsibilities of this position are to mentor doctoral students through the dissertation process as a subject/content or research/methodology expert who may be either a chair or second member of dissertation committees, and to engage and support doctoral students as emerging scholar-practitioners.

What to expect as a Walden contributing faculty member:

Faculty members educate Walden University students by effectively using online technology and resources to provide an engaging and supportive student experience. Faculty members are expected to share their knowledge and give relevant, actionable feedback in carefully formulated timely communication to students. This is accomplished in a student-centric learning environment that is respectful, collaborative and follows Walden University and program specific guidelines.

General Expectations Include:

  • Supportive engagement at all times – build positive rapport, openness, trust, mutual inquiry and listening to students to help them learn, discover and apply research skills.
  • Effective online communications to maintain teaching and social presence and to stimulate

critical thinking and “learning to learn” skills.

Doctoral Student Research Mentoring

Faculty research mentors are assigned to work as part of a collaborative committee team and may work one-on-one with students to help them meet their research requirements.

Subject Matter/Content Expert

When a research mentor is the second member of a committee (not Chair), as subject matter/content expert, they are expected to engage, monitor, refine, and assess the progress of the capstone research from start to finish as the subject/content expert, and to provide timely, actionable feedback, assessment, and evaluation of each student's work.

Doctoral Student Research Mentoring: Research Design & Methodology Expert

When a research mentor is the second member of a committee (not Chair), as research design and methodology expert, they are expected to engage, monitor, refine, and assess the progress of the capstone research from start to finish as the design and methods expert, and to provide timely, relevant, actionable feedback, assessment, and evaluation of each student's work

Chair Responsibilities:

Faculty mentors who are who are assigned as Chair, are responsible for interacting with, and providing academic and professional guidance to, students on an ongoing basis within the learning platform. The chair is expected to ensure that their mentees have an approved term-plan each term, and that they engage and support students to foster quality work and progress; to respond to questions and comments in the course within 48 hours, and to engage students within the course a minimum of 4 days per week. Faculty Chairs are to provide grades and actionable, supportive feedback to students, and to assess final term plan progress.

Academic Credentials:

Doctoral Faculty Members must be appropriately credentialed, possess an earned degree from an accredited institution or recognized by a country's ministry of education in the discipline being taught.


Candidates should possess:

  • An earned doctorate in the field of developmental psychology or a related field (required).
  • A record of scholarship, publication and research in methods and research design that is appropriate to support doctoral students in the field of study (required).
  • Strong relationship-building skills with students with diverse backgrounds.
  • Strong writing, research, and oral communication skills.
  • Experience in mentoring doctoral students in the dissertation process (preferred).
  • Three years of effective teaching experience at the degree level of program (preferred).
  • Online experience at the degree level of program (preferred.).
  • Experience in qualitative and mixed-method research (preferred).

Ideally, a candidate should be able to demonstrate:
  • Success at building effective student learning relationships that support mutual inquiry and doctoral quality student progress and learning outcomes.
  • Strong servant leadership dispositions. This includes the ability to listen carefully to students, and to be approachable and supportive within Walden’s policies.
  • Strong time-management and co-project management skills.

Ideally, a candidate should be strongly committed to:
  • Supporting the development of Walden University students to foster positive social change as scholar-practitioners.
  • Best practices in teaching, research, advising and mentoring.
  • The ongoing professional development of themselves as faculty.
  • The willingness to perform other duties and responsibilities that management may deem necessary from time to time.


All new Faculty Members receive training with respect to best practices in online doctoral mentoring, effective supervision, and review of dissertations. They also receive socialization into the Walden University culture of quality, integrity, and student-learning centeredness and an orientation in their specific degree program.


Doctoral level faculty may be asked to participate in Residencies held domestically or internationally, where they may teach colloquia, lead writing-intensive workshops, and facilitate school-wide discussions.

Technology Proficiency/Requirements:

Faculty members are expected to maintain a high level of technical proficiency, and have a strong commitment to learning new technologies. Faculty are required to have computer and software resources that enable effective delivery of academic services to a disbursed community of learners. The Faculty Member must be able to use Microsoft Office products, and must have reliable Internet access as well as alternate access as needed.


Some travel may be requested.

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